Monday, July 2, 2012

That one time, when we opened for Willie Nelson!

Howdy all you big love bussin' daddios!

Upcoming shows this week.  Click here for details.
07.03.12 - Fun Fourth Festival (Greensboro NC) 
07.04.12 - Palm Room (Wrightsville Beach, NC)
07.05.12 - Live Bar (Greenville, NC)
07.06.12 - Outer Banks Brewing Station (Kill Devil Hills, NC)
07.07.12 - Ted Constant Convocation Center (Norfolk, VA)
07.08.12 - The Backstreet Pub (Beaufort, NC)

We've been asked one question over and over: "Did you get to hang with Willie?"  I will go ahead and answer that one now: no, we didn't.  (Well, one of us did, but more on that in a moment.)  Willie's bus pulled right up to the steps of the stage, he walked up the steps, played his show, and then went right back to his bus.  When you are a living legend you can do what what you want. 

Overall it was the best experience we've ever had; other than not hanging with Willie, it was the perfect day.   Opening bands usually hope to play for about 30-40% of the crowd, but Willie fans are prompt and I think we played for around 90% of the people that came out, around 3000 people.  We were supposed to play for 60 minutes, but after our soundcheck the production manager came and asked us if we wanted to play for 75 minutes.  Of course we said "YES!"   By halfway through our set, we looked out and saw a lot of their crowd on their feet dancing, which was an amazing experience. We were told that Willie's staff really liked us a lot.

Right after we got offstage we walked into the movie star Owen Wilson, who has been a friend of Willie's since they made a movie together a while back.  

We've already had people start coming to shows and telling us that they saw us here and are now huge fans.

Here is a link where you can download or stream our set for free, compliments of Travis Viars.

Is this really happening?

I decided that I should wear my "fancy hat"

Check out the crowd in Joey's glasses. 

We don't know why he breaks so many bass strings!

During soundcheck I told Scott to look down at what he's standing on.  That's Willie's rug!

Yeah, this is fun.

The biggest crowd we've ever played for!

As I said earlier, one of us got to meet Willie.  Jenny was in the right place at the right time and was able to go onto his bus and take pictures of the land owners and was able to get them to take a picture of her.   As much as Jenny does for us we wouldn't have chosen anyone else to actually make it onto the bus.  This was perfect. From Jenny: I would have rather dragged all of you with me! It just happened so fast, I went with it. I accomplished my main goal right before this photo: I put a copy of  Let It Grow into Willie's hands. Who knows, he could be riding down the road listening to BDL right now!

Having fun backstage

Possibly the most famous guitar ever.  A Martin N-20 named "Trigger"

It's amazing how strong his voice still is. 
It was just an incredible night for us all.  We want to thank everyone who has helped us get to this point.  We couldn't have done it without y'all.

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Upcoming shows.  Click here for Details.
07.04.12 - Palm Room (Wrightsville Beach, NC)
07.05.12 - Live Bar (Greenville, NC)
07.06.12 - Outer Banks Brewing Station (Kill Devil Hills, NC)
07.07.12 - Ted Constant Convocation Center (Norfolk, VA)
07.08.12 - The Backstreet Pub (Beaufort, NC)
07.12.12 - Martin's Downtown Bar & Grill (Roanoke, VA)
07.13.12 - Altamont Theatre (Asheville, NC)
07.14.12 - The Loft @ Benchwarmers (Salisbury, NC)
07.18.12 - Rapture (Charlottesville, VA)