Monday, August 25, 2014

Our weekend at the Clear Mtn View Music Festival. Tin Foil Hats and all!

Howdy All You Big Bus Lovin' Daddios,

We're just coming off a full weekend at the Clear Mountain View Music Festival, where we jammed with some of our very best friends all weekend long.

This festival wasn't a big festival, maybe 500 or 600 people there, but it is proof that you really do have more fun at smaller festivals.  It is like having a huge private party where your friends can bring their friends and their friends can bring friends-- just like in college, but the cops don't show up at 3am telling everyone to leave.

On Friday we were over at Scott and Karen's house, and the girls (I think Beth was the instigator) decided we all needed tin-foil hats so the NSA, aliens, and Facebook couldn't read our minds. So they made hats for about 2 hours before we headed off to the festival.

So about 3 songs into our set we look out and see heads turning silver...

The great thing about live music is being able to interact with the audience.  Sometimes, when things are going really great, the band follows the audience's example.  

If there was ever a festival with our very best friends, this was it.    

Alex from L Shape Lot

Our good friend Roger Padgett

Ross Bogan who we first met with Mama's Love and now plays with Sol Driven Train

Mark Schimick and Josh Daniel from their aptly named Josh Daniel and Mark Schimick Project.

James Bernabe.  He is making some of the best mandolins around these days.

Joey, Isaac Corbitt and the L Shape Lot boys.  Eric is such a nice guy.

Isaac Corbitt from The Corbitt Brothers Band.

Scott....just crushin' it.

And the friends and family....

Thanks for supporting us, everyone!  See you soon!