Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sept 22-24th 2011 Trumpets, Trailers, and Tacos

Howdy Everyone,

Well today is the "official release" of our new album and we are also rolling out our new website.  The site was built for us by one of my best friends from Sparta NC, Joel Farmer.   We played sax together in the Alleghany High School Marching band. 

We had a good solid weekend that started with a trip up to Harrisonburg VA to play at one of our favorite places, Clementine Cafe.  This place has it all, great food AND great music.   In fact an old friend of mine from Boone NC, Jonathan Scales was playing there the following weekend.   Jon plays the pan drums, and is quite amazing.  Check out this great video of him

Clementine Cafe has a really beautiful stage.

On the way up Joey tried to learn a few notes on the trumpet from Cass (who is a great trumpet player btw!)

The next morning we had to take over the motel lobby to sign 100 CD's for our kickstarter pledges.   Just part of being on the road.

On the way back we stopped in Roanoke to buy a trailer that we found on craigslist.   The guy took $100 off the price for us right away, just standard procedure for car salesmen, and said he couldn't go any lower.   We agreed and started filling out the paper work.   After talking to him for a while and explaining what we did he grabbed $50 out of his pocket, handed it to us, and said, "Here you go guys, follow your dreams!"     It's really amazing when things like that happen to us, and we really appreciate it.   Here's a picture with him.   Danny Carter of Roanoke Truck Sales.  

Afterwords we kept our band celebration tradition alive by going to Taco Bell.   You can see the immense joy on Wookie's face,  and yes, we all sit at separate tables when we eat.    In fact if you ever see 5 or 6 guys walk in together and all sit at separate tables, then they are probably a band.   

Friday was our first time at Fat Frogg at Elon and we were impressed.   We'll be back there soon.   Here's a link to the show.  Recorded by Travis Viars.    Pic by Jenny Viars

And our 3rd (or 4th, or 5th, I'm not sure) time at the great Evening Muse in Charlotte NC.    One of the best live music venues in that city.   We'll be back there soon too.

Well that's another edition of being Thrown Under the Love Bus.   Thanks for your support!

Brian and BDL

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