Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Dec 8th. Toys-for-Tots Drive is a huge success!! and more trumpets!

12.15.11 - Olde Hickory Taproom (Hickory, NC)
12.16.11 - Blue Bourbon Jacks (High Point, NC)
12.17.11 - High Rock Outfitters (Lexington, NC)

Hello all you Big Love Bussin' Daddios!

We don't have much for the travel blog this week, so we'll keep it short.   One thing we really need to recognize is the amount of effort our "Love Bussers" put into the Toys-For-Tots Drive in Raleigh on Thursday night.    Thank you so much to Stacy Jones, Jenny Viars, Tori Steinberg, and Kevin and Jennifer Swenk for stepping up and helping us round up over 300 toys and $300 in cash donations.   Below are some pictures of the Marines that were at the show to help out.   We have done more charity work this holiday season than ever before and it has just made us want to do more and more.   It is true what they say: you get the most by giving.  Nursing home shows, food drives, and toy drives are just the beginning for us.   We have had so much fun with every event, and have met great people along the way.   Hopefully we will be able to double or triple our efforts in 2012.

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Tori, Jenny, and Stacy!

Marines carrying out one of many boxes of toys.


The Marines that came to the show to help.

One last thing that I want to mention is that we were FINALLY able to get Mr. Cass Copsey onstage with his trumpet.  We've always heard that he was a great player, but in the two years of traveling with him we had never heard him play much.  And wow, he's fantastic.   

Here is the audio of the entire show that you can download for FREE!  Enjoy!

Cass laying it down thick!
Thanks everyone! Until next time,
Brian and BDL

We would LOVE for you to help us out with the street team activities. If you'd like to help promote an upcoming show, email and we will set you up with everything you need. We've got great e-flyers, widgets, and other tools you can use to help promote online, so if you've got Internet access, you can help! If you want to hang up posters, hand out flyers, and talk to real people, feel free to print up the digital posters. And of course, we'd also love your help over at the merch booth! Check out the list of places we could use help spreading the love.

12.15.11 - Olde Hickory Taproom (Hickory, NC)
12.16.11 - Blue Bourbon Jacks (High Point, NC)
12.17.11 - High Rock Outfitters (Lexington, NC)
12.30.11 - Beachside Tavern (New Smyrna Beach, FL)
01.12.12 - Martin's Downtown (Roanoke, VA)
01.13.12 - The Bus Pit (Kingsport, TN)
01.14.12 - The Pour House (Raleigh, NC)

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