Thursday, May 17, 2012

BDL day at the Zoo!!

05.17.12 - The Box (Charlottesville, VA)
05.18.12 - Town Park Gazebo (Damascus, VA)
05.19.12 - Back To Your Roots Celebration (Glade Valley, NC)

Tuesday, May 15

This will be a mini-travel blog post about our day at the Columbus Ohio Zoo.

First of all, this is a Wookie paradise.  In case you don't know, Ashley has spent a lot of time working in the scientific field, with birds particularly, and so he was very excited about this opportunity.    I had to get a pic of him as we were walking in, complete with his safari hat, binoculars, and notepad to write down what birds he sees.   Right after I snapped this pic I told the guys that if Ashley wasn't in the band then we probably wouldn't have a travel blog.   He makes traveling more interesting to say the least.  

One of the funniest things that happened was Ashley putting the binoculars to his face, finding an exotic bird with them, and in a low voice he says, "Ohh...yeeaah..."    Joey almost fell down laughing.   We thought it was funny that he brought the binoculars, but then every one of us started using them.

 The shot of this leopard was one of the best shots all day long.  

We were able to watch one of the zookeepers interact with this huge gorrilla, getting it to climb up to get food.   The size of these gorillas is amazing.  

One of the oddest animals we've ever seen.  It's the only animal that is kin to a giraffe!

A Manatee!!

The largest bats in the world!  The are called Flying Foxes.

Koala Bear

An Arctic Fox

One of the most amazing things we saw was this huge brown bear swimming and playing in the water only a foot away from us (behind the glass).   Being this close to such a powerful animal is unlike anything we've ever experienced.  

We found the rare and elusive WOOKIE in his natural habitat.  I was able snap this pic. 

I wasn't sure how I would feel about visiting a zoo.  It has been a long time since I've been to one and have obviously developed quite the affinity for animal rights since then, but what stuck out to me was how many of these animals were either on the brink of extinction or close to it.  Each exhibit showed the current populations of the animals, and it was alarming to see that we are losing so many animals at such a fast pace.   Overall it was a great experience, and I thought a lot about how vital it is for all of us to be able to experience the diversity of this amazing planet at close range.   Gaining a sense of the beauty and diversity of all living species will only help us foster a sense of kinship with the planet and take steps to preserve all the living things around us.  

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05.17.12 - The Box (Charlottesville, VA)
05.18.12 - Town Park Gazebo (Damascus, VA)
05.19.12 - Back To Your Roots Celebration (Glade Valley, NC)
05.24.12 - Prison Brews (Jefferson City, MO)
05.27.12 - Quixote's True Blue (Denver, CO)
05.31.12 - River Jam Concert Series (Charlotte, NC)
06.01.12 - The Pour House (Raleigh, NC)
06.08.12 - Empty Glass (Charleston, WV)
06.15.12 - High Rock Outfitters (Lexington, NC)

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  1. Love the zoo pics and videos. That for sharing Brian.