Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Nov 10-12. Rhythm Devils and a day of Spinal Tap!

Hello all you Big Love Bussin' Daddios!

11.17.11 - Local 506 (Chapel Hill, NC)
11.18.11 - Fat Frogg Bar and Grill (Elon, NC)
11.19.11 - Clementine Cafe (Harrisonburg, VA)

Last weeks travel blog was our most successful post yet, smashing all viewing records.   This week we didn't travel much, with our shows being very close to home.  So to make up for it we'll do a fun contest at the end of the post that contains some surprising facts about each member of the band, and we'll also talk about our upcoming charity events.

We also just found out that we are up for "best band of the year in Charlotte, NC."   You can vote by clicking here and following the directions.   It looks like they only way to vote is to send a text from your cell phone.   

But first a few shots from our shows this weekend.

Thursday, November 10

High Rock Outfitters
Lexington, NC

This show is available for download or stream by two tapers:
Travis Viars here. 11/10/11 High Rock Outfitters

Dale Glenn here.  11/10/11 High Rock Outfitters

This was officially a "sold out show" for us which is always fun to have.   We love playing here for a few reasons, but at the top of the list is the fact that the owners are just fantastic people in every way.  They are breaking all types of rules by doing what they love.   Whoever has heard of a successful outfitters boating store and music venue as one?  Well, when you have two people who love both passionately and work their asses off, then anything is possible, and High Rock Outfitters is one awesome place to play and hear music.     Here's to Chris Phelps and Brittany Wilson who would probably win the "venue owners of the year" if we were to vote on it.

Chris and Brittany!

Here are some shots from Jenny Viars!

Friday, November 11
Murphy's Pub
Boone, NC

Anyone that lives within 2 hours of Boone needs to come see us play here for one reason:  Shawn Roberts!   Shawn takes percussion to a whole new level.  He has a PhD in world percussion and his approach to rhythm is fascinating.  Shawn is featured on the first half of "Dream-Suite" on our new album, which is "Mid-Summer's Dream > Dreamwalker.   

The drummers having a blast together!

The date for this show was 11/11/11 which has a special meaning in the music industry.  Any answer to the question, "What is it like being in a band?" that does not contain the words "Spinal Tap" needs to be discounted immediately.   This cult classic movie nails it on so many levels that it boggles the mind.  Here is the clip of why 11/11/11 has special meaning to us.   

Yes,  this happens!!

We are proudly hosting two charity drives in the next few weeks.   We will be doing a food drive in Sparta on November 25th, and you can find more info here on our FB event page. 

And we will be doing a Toy Drive at our Raleigh show on December 8th.  Check out our FB event page for more info. 

Thanks to everyone who entered last week's contest. The winner was Barry Harrell, who answered: "I'm thinking Swenk and Chasper for, Dan indifferent, Ashley and Joey again." Good work, Barry! Since you all enjoyed the contest so much, here's another one. The first correct answer will win a t-shirt of their choice and either a copy of both albums, or 2 tickets to a show of their choice.  We will keep the contest open until Monday and announce the winner on next Thursday's blog post.

Match the band member with the "odd facts" we've collected, and post the answer as a comment under our Facebook post of the blog.  

1. Ashley
2. Brian
3. Chasper
4. Daniel
5. Joey

A.   I have never rode a horse,  I got 3 underage drinking tickets in one day while at App st. lawn party, I used to dye and laminate human lungs for Duke med students, first concert was Janet Jackson.

B.   I once lived in Laramie, WY.   I use to work at Sherwin Williams plant  cleaning out tanks with HIGHLY explosive chemical solvents. My very first paid club gig was at the age of 16. I used to be a licensed life guard.  My current favorite music dvd is Zappa meets Zappa.

C.  Played in a Guns n Roses Tribute band in college.   Studied Fish and Wildlife management in college hoping to be a Park Ranger.   I think Bon Jovi's song "Wanted Dead or Alive" is one of the greatest rock songs ever written.   I had a childhood club called "The Star Team"

D.  I used to be obsessed with golf.  The only competitive sport I competed in in high school was tractor driving in FFA. I have owned 7 different motorcycles and four wheelers in my life. I spent a year studying fish and wildlife management.

E.  I have a trophy for getting 1st place in the Waltz competition at a Cotillion that is larger than any of my baseball trophies, I was born on Easter Sunday, and the first band I was in was called Leather Veil.

Make your answers in the following format:
Ashley: A,B,C etc
Brian: A, B,C etc

Thanks, everyone, for enjoying another edition of our Travel Blog!
Brian and BDL

We would LOVE for you to help us out with the street team activities. If you'd like to help promote an upcoming show, email and we will set you up with everything you need. We've got great e-flyers, widgets, and other tools you can use to help promote online, so if you've got Internet access, you can help! If you want to hang up posters, hand out flyers, and talk to real people, feel free to print up the digital posters. And of course, we'd also love your help over at the merch booth! Check out the list of places we could use help spreading the love.

11.17.11 - Local 506 (Chapel Hill, NC)
11.18.11 - The Fat Frogg Bar & Grill (Elon, NC)
11.19.11 - Clementine Cafe (Harrisonburg, VA)
11.23.11 - The Camel (Richmond, VA)
11.25.11 - Silver Dollar Music Park (Glad Valley, NC)
11.26.11 - Outer Banks Brewing Station (Kill Devil Hills, NC)
11.27.11 - Goombay's Grill & Raw Bar (Kill Devil Hills, NC)
12.02.11 - Machiavell's (Bristol, TN)
12.03.11 - The Grey Eagle (Asheville, NC)
12.08.11 - The Pour House (Raleigh, NC)
12.09.11 - The Backstreet Pub (Beaufort, NC)

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