Friday, November 18, 2011

A very special holiday offer! contest news, charity events, and "band of the yr" voting,

Howdy Everyone,

This is a quick newsletter to pass along some important info in one easy place, and make a special holiday offer.  

First of all, we do not yet have a winner in our travel blog contest.   Please make a guess soon!   You have as good of a chance as anyone to win!   Put answers in comments section of this post on our FB page, or at the end of this post if you don't have a FB page.  Either one works.     I'll give you one clue that will help you.   I (Brian) spent my entire high-school career playing football and wrestling.   Apparently people think I only competed in tractor driving in high school, which is quite amusing.   Ok, one more clue;  the person who saw Janet Jackson as their first concert is not the "obvious choice" if you get my drift.  Have to think outside the box on that one.  

We are up for "Band of the Year" in Charlotte NC.  Please vote for us!!  Follow instructions on the website; you will have to use your cell phone to text your vote. It's easy and fast! Thanks so much.

We have two really great charity events coming up, collecting food and toy donations.  The Love Bus Food Drive will be at our Sparta NC show the day after Thanksgiving.  Info here.  The Love Bus Toys for Tots drive will be at our Raleigh show on Dec 8th.

Are you coming to the New Year's Eve festival with us in Florida?  If so, use this promo code to purchase discounted tickets: "BIGDL11" (case sensitive).  Purchase tickets at

Finally, I want to make a special holiday offer.   We are willing to play an acoustic set of music at nursing homes throughout the state.  If you have family in a nursing home and would like us to come perform, please get in touch with me ASAP, and we will set up a time.  We are going to ask that our travel expenses be taken care of, but that is all.  This has been a dream of mine to do this around the holidays for a long time and I'm finally in a position to do it.  It will either be acoustic Big Daddy Love, or our bluegrass band Breakin' Jimmy's Martin, according to various members' availability.   BDL fans, don't worry, Breakin' Jimmy's Martin is one smoking hot band.     Please help us get the word out about this offer.  This is our time to give back to all our friends who've helped us, as well as making the holidays a little brighter for some special people.  

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