Friday, March 23, 2012

March 15-17: Bountiful Basses, and St. Paddy's Day Bash

Hello, all you Big Bus Lovin' Daddios!

03.23.12 - The Fat Frogg (Elon, NC)
03.24.12 - Jack of the Wood (Asheville, NC)
03.29.12 - Live Bar (Greenville, NC)

We've found one of Wookie's long lost relatives

Last weekend's adventures led us up into Virginia, and then back down to Raleigh for a St. Patrick's Day bash.

March 15: Harrisonburg, VA

We really like playing at the Clementine Cafe.  The place is full of original art and everyone in the town is super-nice.   The opening band was called The Judy Chops.  And Joey knew exactly where they got the name from, The West Virginia Ninja.  It's one of the best youtube videos we've seen. 

The Wook demands that there be fresh flowers backstage so he can get his mojo on.

On Friday, we headed to Staunton, VA to go to this great music store that we've been hearing about, Fretwell Bass.  And yes, the owners name is really Jerry Fretwell.  Any bass player in the southeast needs to come to this store.  It really is amazing. 

One happy Wook!

This is why musicians are always late.

Joey opened their guestbook and the first two names he saw were from Sparta NC. 
Sparta people are everywhere.

Downtown shot of beautiful Staunton, VA.

March 16: Richmond, VA

Before the Richmond show, we stopped at one of our very favorite stores: a thrift store. It's a one stop shop for BDL, with shirts for Ashley and Joey:

and books for me.

The bad news is the ghost seems to be following us. He must be our newest fan.

March 17: Raleigh, NC
The first part of the day had us at my niece's birthday party.   This has become an annual tradition for us and Joey wrote about it in our regular  "fan of the week." 

These are all my kids.  Future banjo army. 

We last played the Lincoln Theater on Halloween, so we were really excited to be back for the "Big Paddy Love Party." Our friends the Shane Pruitt Band opened things up for us - we always love to see and share the stage with them. Athens, GA-based band The Corduroy Road also played; it was our first time seeing them, and we really enjoyed their high-energy bluegrass!

It was awesome to see how many people there wore "Good Morning Sunshine" shirts for their St. Patrick's Day green. As for us...well, some of us got more into the holiday than others.

A little known superhero "The Green Wook" made a special guest appearance. 
Look for more superheros at special events!

Daniel celebrated by using a green toothpick

This weekend, we are looking forward to playing at Fat Frogg in Elon with our friends Big Something, the River Cleanup on Saturday morning, and Jack of the Wood in Asheville on Saturday night (with Aaron Burdett!). Hope to see you out there at one (or more!) of those!  Scroll down to see our nifty River Clean Up poster, and help us spread it around. 

Brian and Big Daddy Love

We would LOVE for you to help us out with the street team activities. If you'd like to help promote an upcoming show, email and we will set you up with everything you need. We've got great e-flyers, widgets, and other tools you can use to help promote online, so if you've got Internet access, you can help! If you want to hang up posters, hand out flyers, and talk to real people, feel free to print up the digital posters. And of course, we'd also love your help over at the merch booth! Check out the list of places we could use help spreading the love.

03.23.12 - The Fat Frogg (Elon, NC)
03.24.12 - Jack of the Wood (Asheville, NC)
03.29.12 - Live Bar (Greenville, NC)
04.06.12 - Jake's Bar & Grill (Columbia, SC)
04.07.12 - Bucked Up Super Saloon (Kernersville, NC)
04.13.12 - Murphy's Saloon (Boone, NC)
04.14.12 - Bathtub Gin (Mooresville, NC)

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